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We are very lucky to be agents for a couple of small companies making some of the best doonas and pillows possible. Whether it be a light weight silk doona for summer, or a feather and down doona with an equivalent to 8 blankets in warmth for a freezing winter’s night we can help.

Silk Doonas

These are truly the most amazing discovery in bedding.

Originating in Asia, the nobility of Japan and China have been using these for centuries. The silkworms that produce the 100% silk filling are fed on organic mulberry leaves. The strands of silk floss are stretched individually by hand to the required size, and layered evenly in a criss – cross pattern to the required size to make the sheet of silk that is the doona.

They have a 100% cotton cover, are light and soft, which enables them to conform to the body’s contours, eliminating cold air pockets which can occur with heavy bulky doonas. The silk filling inside a Queen size Lightweight Doona weights in at just .7kg (700 grams). They are magnificent for anyone with an arthritic condition, or an allergy sufferer.

The lightweight ones are equivalent to about a blanket and a quarter in the old scale, while the medium are getting up towards 2 blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can they be washed?
A: If you happen to have a small spill with some tea for example, the best way to clean the area is dampen the section where the spill is with a approved silk cleaner or wool wash. Do not put them in a washing machine.

Pillow Cases & Pillows

We stock a very extensive range of pillow cases in all sorts of sizes, and infill’s to suit them. It would be a tossup as to what is our most popular selling pillow size, either the square European, or the now very popular King pillows.

The big square European pillow has long been a favourite in Australia to finish off the bed, and a great pillow to sit up with in bed while reading. One size up from these is the Continental pillow. These are a massive 80cm x 80cm, and are used either as a back support, or to give the bed the staggered pillow look with large pillow at the head of the bed working down in size to the small cushion size pillows at the front.

The King pillow, which was traditionally only found only in the very top 5 star hotels is becoming a very very poplar pillow these days. Two of these fit across a King sized bed perfectly, as one fits a Single or King Single bed perfectly.

We stock all the various sized pillow cases in all our materials. Inserts for our cases come in either the man made microfibre pillow filling, or 100% natural feathers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What are the sizes of you pillow cases?
A: Please click here.

Q: What do you mean when you talk about a "flange" pillow case?
A: What we are talking about is a pillow case with a stitched up boarder all the way around that the pillow cannot get in. Also refered to as an Oxford pillow cases, or as having a sham.

Feather Pillows and Doonas

Feather and Down pillows and doonas which have been around for hundreds of years, are still very popular today, especially in Europe, and are becoming more so in Australia again. One of the great things about these products is that they are 100% natural. They can be topped up if not warm enough, topped down if too warm, have more filling added or subtracted to your pillow to suit you perfectly. The other beauty of this product is they can rejuvenated, cleaned, and back to work as if it was the day you bought it. With today’s cleaning products and proper care there should be no reason why you cannot get 15 or more years out of them.

We are agents for a small quality company that makes our items to order, and also rejuvenates feather products. Pillows can start at 100% feathers and go right through to 10% feathers and 90% down, and these can be in Normal, European, Continental or King sizing. Again for the duvet it is the same with a host of options. If you want a quilt that is warmer one side than the other, a little longer or wider than usual, all this is possible. If you are interested in a quality duvet and pillows please call and discuss requirements as the variations are endless.

You will find some pricing for these items in our price section, but these are by no means all the products or options available.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do the feathers have any smell?
A: They company we use works to the Japanese standard in feather conditioning which leaves no residuall odours.

Boxer shorts, Women’s Nightgowns & PJ’s

We sell all these items in the 250 thread count Self stripe material.

The Boxer shorts are just that, Boxer shorts. They come in with a button fly, with sizing Small to XX Large. We also have a limited number of kids boxers in the self stripe, sizes 2 to 5 (about 2 years old till 4 or 5 years). These are again in the self stripe with a closed front. Bit of fun for the boys to match dad in his.
Boxer Shorts

Our new line of PJ’s are now getting very very popular with the women. Bit like the boxer shorts, except a bit longer and looser fit with a closed front, elastic waist and drawstring, they are great to go to bed in or just wearing around the house after a shower etc. Again, available in the 250 thread count self stripe in Small to XX Large.

The nighties are just that. Nighties. Very simple, knee length, round neck. At our prices you will not find better value.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is the material see through?
A: Not at all.